Friday, July 3, 2009

Gadget Sessions: A biometric fingertip a mouse?

It’s a way to safeguard your computer while you're away from your desk with the biometric fingertip identification reader built right in. Fellowes Secure Touch Optical is said to be mini sized & that the fingerprint authenticator functions at over 99% accuracy rate.

It eliminates the need to remember passwords and provides protection against unauthorized use of your PC. Fellowes bundled the mouse with the OmniPass Security Software for managing fingerprint recognition access to your PC or notebook. The software includes a wizard that guides you through creating an identification profile. The software's Single Touch Log-On feature lets you perform startup and Windows authentication with the touch of your finger. Suggested retail was $99, but you can find it for about $80 if you do a web search (Amazon).

Via Fellowes Secure Touch Optical

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gadget Sessions: Playing games at the office & don’t want to get caught?

The Stealth Switch is the answer. Install the software and plug the hidden foot switch in. It either goes between the keyboard and your computer, or just into an available USB port. Once installed just a light tap on the foot switch hidden under your desk and it will work its magic for you. Based on your preferences, it can hide the current window, hide all windows, or hide all windows except for specified windows. Not just minimize, mind you, but totally erase from your screen. The Stealth Switch can also mute the sound, hide the taskbar, hide the desktop icons, and password protect the restore function.

When the coast is clear, another quick tap and you are ready to W.O.W, instant message, tweet or whatever you prefer in peace. The Software requires: Win 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home/Pro $24.99. From Think Geek.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Gadget Sessions: Acousticbuds in Full Effect!

I know I’m not alone when it comes to the ear buds that are shipped with iPods, and many of other major MP3 players. The audio isn’t ‘that’ bad, but they seem to be designed to fit about 1% of the ears people have. I haven’t came across one person yet who said: “Nice!, the ear buds that came with my MP3 player are SO comfortable!” Well guess what ladies and gentlemen? There’s a new product that can go a long way to make those ear buds you already have, a lot more comfortable. They’re called Acoustibuds and they’re a better fit, stay in the ears and improve the sound quality. In my search for a new pair, I like these a lot. Acoustibuds only come in two sizes and that’s enough. “The thin, flexible silicone rubber fins are angled to assure optimum position and contact within many different types and size ears”. They will not fit on every kind of earphone, however. Acoustibuds are designed to fit "flat faced" ear-buds like those that come with your iPods, iPhones, mp3 players and some cell phones. They are not developed to work with in-ear headphones. The price is good as well. A retail package includes one of each of the two sizes of noise-isolating earphone adapters and two storage pouches.

The price is under $15.00 They’re available in white or black, and can be purchased on

The company’s website is:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gadget Sessions: The compact projector small enough for your pocket!

This is the 3M Micro Professional Projector (MPro110). You can connect it to most digital video devices to project photos, movies & files virtually anywhere. Use your Video iPod for example and this portable projector turns a wall into your personal theater (assuming you can dim the lights of course).

The MPro110 has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and a native resolution of 640 x 480 VGA. It lets you project video and photos from your video phone; share videos and movies from your video camera; create a slick slide show from your digital camera and even project your portable gaming console while on the road. Madden. Enough said. It uses LED technology for up to 10,000 hours of operation. The kit includes MPro110 power supply, VGA cable, video cable kit and battery. You’ll be using the AC adaptor a lot because battery life is just one hour. For more information, including device compatibility, video demo and reviews, check out:
Price is $359.95.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A simple way to put video on your PSP, iPod, or USB device!

Check out the Pinnacle Video Transfer (PVT). This is the one of the easiest ways to record video. On the bottom end of the PVT just connect the DC power and a USB flash drive. The other end of the unit has the video connections. The LED’s are also positioned above each of the video/audio inputs and the USB port. When the unit is turned on, the blue LED’s let you know the unit “sees” audio & video and the USB drive. The composite A/V cable comes w/ the PVT, but you have to supply your own S-video cable. After connecting the cables and plugging in a USB storage device, turn the device on by pressing the “Mode” button. When all the LED’s have turned blue, select the recording quality. Then hit the REC button. All the LED’s then turn red to confirm that you’re recording.

Note: There’s a warning not to remove the USB drive until its LED turns blue. When you search the drive on your computer, the recordings will be in the Video directory. Each video is numbered according to the sequence in which it was recorded, but you can easily change the file name yourself. The PVT can record directly to most iPods and the PSP as well. The PVT can be found on Amazon and bought for about $110 to $120.00.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Gaget Sessions: A Marine version GPS with a unique twist!

This is the Garmin GPSMAP640. An ultra portable touch screen navigator that comes ready to help on land & at sea. It’s waterproof (IPX7) with a super-bright 5.2” WVGA touch screen display (800 x 480 pixels). It ships preloaded with comprehensive street maps of North America and worldwide shaded relief mapping in addition to detailed U.S. coastal BlueChart g2 charts. A unique twist for this device comes when it’s placed in the marine mount, which is included with the unit. Once it’s placed in the mount it recognizes the connection and automatically starts up in marine mode!

So instead of street maps you’ll see marine charts with shaded depth contours, port plans, wrecks, restricted areas and more. Being a huge fan on the ABC series LOST I couldn’t help but to think of the Oceanic Six. And yes, when you leave the boat and place the 640 in your car it does switch to automotive navigator. Just in case you were wondering. On the road this device gives voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions. It’s also customizable, so users can also create their own custom Points of Interest list & set up proximity alerts for the ultimate in driver awareness.

MSRP is $1199.99. And with optional BlueChart g2 Vision cards, you'll get 3D 'mariner's eye view' above the waterline and 'fish eye view' below the waterline. Users also benefit from Auto Guidance technology that searches chart data to suggest the best passage.

For more info check out:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gadget Sessions: A Solution to the AC Outlet deficient Hotel Room

I came across the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger & had to share it! Hotel rooms and airport terminals never seem to have enough power outlets to plug in & charge all the devices us (cool) techie types bring along when we travel. Thanks to this new gadget you can now you can add 3 AC outlets, two USB charging ports, and peace of mind on business trips and vacations with the Belkin Mini Surge Protector. It has a rotating plug so you can face the device in the direction that is most convenient. And there’s a green LED to let you know the surge protection is on. It even comes with a full size to mini USB charging cable!

Belkin has this important warning on their website: Important: This product’s USB outlets cannot be used as a USB hub and does not transmit data. The powered USB outlets on this unit are intended solely for charging devices that can be charged via a USB interface $24.99.

Also check out OUTLETS TO GO & OUTLETS TO GO w/USB at Monster Cable:


Friday, January 30, 2009

North Shore Style Perspective: Dealing with Disagreements

This post was made in reflection of numerous group projects throughout my college career. Again I decided to address my strategy for working through problems not only when it concerns group projects, but also personal situations when dealing with disagreements. (Warning: Excuse the sports analogies because frankly…. I am a MAJOR sports enthusiast and I always associate strategy to sports!).

Dealing with Disagreements
The Best Offense is a Great Defense

When people fear being attacked or humiliated, they become defensive. This is only natural. I found that if the conversation gets heated, it’s good to back off and work to re-establish common ground and safety (no that was not a football related pun!). I personally “re-up” my listening efforts. It’s important that others see that you care about their goals, interests and values. If necessary, take a break however; always agree on a time to revisit the topic. I wouldn’t suggest letting the disagreement go unsettled if it’s important.

One strategy I coined for working through problems is “ACE”: Agreeing, constructing & evaluating. When arguments occur, I first look for areas of agreement. I then point out those agreements and build on common ground. Next, I evaluate and compare my perspective with the other person’s and rather than suggesting they’re wrong, I suggest that we differ. Work together to accommodate those differences.

Do you want to WIN, or do you want to solve the problem?

Move away from wanting to win and instead focus on what’s really wanted from the conversation. Maintaining this focus can help deflect defensiveness in ourselves and others (no pun intended sports enthusiast). Don’t be afraid to clarify misinterpretations and apologize. Conversations sometimes hit an impasse. When this occurs:

1) Commit to seek a MUTUAL purpose. An example would be agreeing to work together to find a compromise on dividing the workload.

2) Identify what the other person wants, through asking questions, listening and restating.

3) Create a mutual purpose or goal: “Both of us want to present well in order to get a good grade”.

4) Brainstorm new strategies and solutions (ARealist’s Favorite!).

Make a game plan.

A good end result to a crucial conversation is to have a plan, a move to action. When having a game plan athletes have to be fit and prepared. When we’re under stress, we’re more likely to fall back into negative forms of communicating. To be effective communicators, we must take care of ourselves. Having said that, do you have any tips to handling disagreements?

*image from freedomblogging

Friday, January 23, 2009

Style Sessions: Diversify your style with scarves

Now that it’s winter you’re probably going to be wearing the same couple of coats throughout the whole season. Well, the best way to diversify your style is to add accessories. A scarf will add the perfect amount of noticeable style and selection to your outfit, not to mention the extra warmth!

Personally I feel there is an elegant quality that comes with a scarf, giving the person who dons one an extra touch of Je ne sais quoi or swagger (a term used by many now).

There are so many ways you can wear a scarf. The most practical ways will not take long to learn & requires little effort. The look works for casual or business attire.

This pictorial step-by-step scarf-tying guide demonstrates various ways on how to tie the scarves for men & women (Ranging from the Ascot to the European Loop Knot):

Scarves can be purchased almost anywhere. For a trendy variety & great prices check out:
• Urban Outfitters

If you’re interested for in-store designer scarves check out:
• Barneys
• Neiman Marcus
• Nordstroms

I feel that one should never take too lightly the power of details! The last item of clothing on is more often than not the first thing noticed. So mind the details instead of throwing together the main parts of your outfit. These “Details” can include a scarf all the way down to the way you knot your tie. Do you know of a store that offers nice scarves? How do you wear yours?

Courtesy of

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Koguma Red by TokyoPlastic

mphlabs and award winning 3D animation team Tokyoplastic presents Koguma, the third character from the Tokyoplastic series to make the jump from 2D to 3D. The tubby bear in the high tech chair welcomes all visitors to the Tokyoplastic website with a steady beat and a winking flash.The red edition featuring Koguma lounging in the classic red chair complete with swivel action is made of vinyl and measures in at 8.5 inches in height. Buy it now at North Shore Style: (If you can't click the link, just copy/paste into your browser. Stock is VERY LOW so act fast!!!)

Winter Wonderland

We're going to be adding new products pretty rapidly over the next few weeks. Be on the lookout for all of the new stuff in upcoming posts. Enjoy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Now you can “blow on” a candle?!

Think Geek has released LED Blow On-Off Candles. Under $15 these cool high tech candles are solid wax, except for the electronics (of course). There are two new things about these LED candles. You can blow them out, AND these LED candles will also blow on! Major! Plus, each candle has a switch to select either a cool blue flame, or a more realistic yellowish flame. Great to use where it is too dangerous to have open flames. You can find these candles on or

Cool Shopping.

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